Organics Diverted from the Landfill:
1,600 tons to date 

The Compost Plant Food Scrap Waste Organics Collection

In 20-25 years, Rhode Island’s only landfill will reach full capacity, and nearly one-third of what Rhode Islanders currently throw away is compostable organic material. The Compost Plant positioned itself as the first full-service commercial compost operation in Rhode Island: producing high-quality compost made from a variety of feedstock (input) sources. The Compost Plant is providing organic waste hauling pickup for local restaurants, food-processors, and food businesses.

Using forced air technology, we showcase the organics management potential in urban/suburban areas by maintaining a small physical footprint and modeling exceptional odor management.  A forced air system enables The Compost Plant to use heat captured from the composting process to heat an on-site greenhouse and increase food production capacity in the Providence metro area.

The Compost Plant produces compost for a customer base that values a high-quality soil           amendment, is committed to buying local, and currently has no access to local compost at
convenient volumes.  We model a new systems approach to managing waste by combining operational efficiency and systems thinking, and are strategically positioned to seize on the shift from thinking of organics as waste to viewing organics as a resource.  Designed and managed as a social enterprise business (L3C), The Compost Plant directly addresses the profound impacts solid waste management has on social equity, the local community and environmental quality in Rhode Island.


Food Scrap
Collection Service

Compost Sales & Delivery

The Compost Plant, Providence, RI  844.741.GOLD

The Compost Plant is proud to offer Rhode Island's first commercial food scrap collection service and we have plans to develop the state's first industrial compost facility in 2015/2016.