The Compost Plant's Mission:

To close the loop in the food system, turning food scraps and "waste" products into compost and soil mixes that help gardeners and farmers grow more local food. We believe more local food means healthier communities...and we believe it all starts with healthy soil.

In TWENTY to TWENTY FIVE years, Rhode Island's only landfill will reachfull capacity. Nearly one-third of what Rhode Islanders currently throw away is compostable organic material.



That's where we come in. Much of the waste in the landfills is organic material that could be better used to make high-quality compost. Nearly 82 million U.S. homeowners garden. Gardening is a multi-million dollar industry in which compost plays a large and growing part. Rhody Gold all-natural compost represents a chance to satisfy this growing demand and divert tons of waste from Rhode Island's landfill. 



The Compost Plant management team is headed by Nat Harris and Leo Pollock, partners with complementary skills and expertise who share management responsibilities.  Both partners bring a strong commitment to entrepreneurship, sustainability, systems thinking, and a demonstrated track record of generating environmental and business solutions to community challenges.  A spirit of urgency, entrepreneurship, and environmental stewardship informs our mission, vision and goals.

Leo Pollock, TEDxProvidence: