Our Collection Service

The Compost Plant collects food scraps from a variety of businesses, including higher education institutions, restaurants, and hospitals.

We provide new 48-gallon wheeled compost bins that are color-coordinated to help make waste separation easier for your team. Contact us to find out how we can implement a successful organics diversion program for your business or institution.

We currently deliver the bulk of the food scraps we collect to Earth Care Farm in Charlestown, RI to be processed into high-quality compost. A portion of what we collect goes to the new anaerobic digester in Johnston, RI managed by Orbit Energy of Rhode Island. 

 What is compostable?

What is compostable?

About Earth Care Farm

For more than 35 years Earth Care Farm has been producing high quality farm-made compost that gardeners and landscapers, big and small have come to rely upon to enrich their soil naturally. The mission of Earth Care Farm is to joyfully help bring out the best and highest from within the earth by consciously returning the best to the earth.

Our pickup partners

We serve a wide variety of Rhode Island's own businesses and institutions: